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Let me explain:  Romney is an indoctrinated Mormon who has not abandoned his indoctrination.  He truly believes what the Book Of Mormon says. Most of it is harmless drivel---yeahs and therefores--(what Mark Twain called a real Snoozer) It claims to be the revealed word of God and about 14 million Americans accept it.  A powerful culture has grown up around it.

Here  in summary is the story it tells: About 600BC  the Jewish clan of Lehi escaped across the Arabian peninsula built ships --- sailed to central America and settled---- building, in time  great cities and civilizations.  Two tribes formed---the Nephites and the Lamanites ---eventually waging  war with one another and the Lamanites (a dark skinned people) eradicated the Nephites. (a light skinned people)  Mormons believe that the American Indians are descended from the Lamanites.

Science tells us that the American Indians are of  Asian mongloid descent---likely coming across the aleutian land bridge about 14,000 years ago.  Jews are Semites---an entirely different racial type.  So you see the problem.  Either Science is right or the Book Of Mormon is right.  No credible scientist in the world----other than indoctrinated Mormons---believe this incredible story.

The Book of Mormon goes on to say that when these two tribes settled in America---that there were Horses, cows, elephants, metallurgy, wheat, chariots, wheeled vehicles, the compass, figs, silk, steel, brass, chains, iron, plows, swords and scimitars.  NO REPUTABLE ANTHROPOLOGIST IN THE WORLD----ONLY INDOCTRINATED MORMONS---BELIEVE THIS.  All these things were brought to America after Columbus came in 1492.  But Romney and 14 million Mormons believe it.

Are you astonished? 14 million people conned into believing something so obviously false?
And yet they do----twisting and squirming in a hundred ways to try and be intellectually respectable---yet knowing in the back of their minds  IT ISN'T TRUE.
Happily, the number of Mormon indoctrinated people leaving the church is rapidly increasing---it is collapsing at an increasing rate --like the Catholic church and all other religions that pretend to have ACCESS TO CERTAINTY.
Disproving mainstream Christianity is a tougher challenge (it makes equally rediculous claims, however) because it is 2000 years old and the evidence against it is not so recent or evident.  BUT REFUTING MORMONISM IS A SLAM DUNK SCIENTIFICALLY.  And that is why I wish somebody Tuesday night would ask the question and show the world that Romney has not seriously questioned his indoctrination ---his judgement in serious matters is likely to be as shallow as his religion. 
Everyone owes it to the world to seriously question--the metaphysics of their childhood.
I do not want someone this gullible to be president. Have a look for yourself----see what you think.


Anonymous said...

Here we are with nuclear war on the brink in the Middle East, a country that spends twice as much as it takes in, and you are worried about a candidate who thinks American Indians are descended from the Lamanites ?
How about worrying how Social Security is going to be paid in 6 years? Yes 6 years and no more social security money. Oh no !

heyduke50 said...

You asked if we were astonished... no we are not... this is America, nothing amazes me anymore, let's be real... 1/2 of AMERICA (OR MORE) HAS LESS THAN AN EIGHTH GRADE EDUCATION...

Tesaje said...

What's worse is every single Republican on the Science Committee doesn't believe in evolution or really science at all. Todd Aken for 1. Santorum was right - they want them stupid.

Mormonism is inherently racist as well. What with their white and delightsome stuff. They disavow it but it's hard to explain away.

This anti science fundamentalist religion path the Republicans seem to be on just seems like path back into the dark ages.

Rex J. Covington said...

Romney or any Mormon is not my first choice, but out of the two choice we have, Obama or Romney, I pick Romney.

I don't think it will wreck his campaign.

Bob said...

Hm. We used to have "Lamanite" in our kitchen. I took it out and put in Corian.
Hey, maybe there was a third tribe called "Corianites". *snort*
Ain't religions fun!

Boonie said...

People latch onto religions as an emotional crutch, not because it has any historical or scientific legitimacy. So why make an issue of somebody else's thumb-sucking?

As always, you never slam the faith-based systems that belong to core groups in the Democratic party: Keynesians, Greens, global warming, feminism that imitates Marxism, top-down central planning, etc.

Anonymous said...

Just sitting here, twiddling my thumbs, waiting for the big die off between 2050 and 2070.

It's a just matter of balancing our economic distance and our pleasurable association with the 99% of foolish behavior in this world that don't acknowledge this:

Conversations w/Great Minds - Michael T. Klare - Is humanity screwed? Part 2

We've been on this planet for 160,000 years. It's been 10,000 years since the agricultural revolution. It's only been since 1865 when Colonel Drake drilled the first commercial oil well in Titusville, PA and we've been using oil in a big way. And in that 160 years or so, our planet's population hit its first billion in 1800. We hit 2 billion in 1930. And now well into the age of oil we're pushing 7 billion. Would it be fair to say that the planet without oil, without our using ancient sunlight to run our machines and move our produce around, that could really only feed a billion people or fewer. Is that an accurate analysis in your mind?

I think in general principle that's accurate. I don't want to be specific about numbers, how much the planet can support without oil, because with solar power and wind power we could probably replace oil for many purposes. But the basic premise is accurate. It's only with oil we've been able to increase the world population to where it is today. People don't appreciate how much food production today is dependent on cheap oil.


MDS: To bring it all home, this Thanksgiving serve dinner at 5:00PM, then invite all the people who were born after 1985 to dinner at 6:30PM. Laugh and tell them what a great dinner it was and how the republican capitalist freedom system really works. Chuckle and tell them if they missed out on the feast it's because they're not close enough to the Lord.


Based on the above and according to the Club of Rome report there will be die off of billions starting in and around 2050 - 2070.

Club of Rome, Rotterdam
May 7th, 2012

So we wade through the dwindling opportunities and asides in a world populated by people engaged in foolish behaviors, addicted to materialism and supporting children that should not have been born.

coupe2u said...

To anonymouse: you are not correct on social security. It is true that in 6 years there will be a problem. But, it is not that there will be 0 payouts only that there will only be enough money to pay out 75% of benefits. I do agree that I am way more fearful of another war than someone's religious beliefs, as ridiculous as they may be. People worried about Kennedy being a Catholic and doing the bidding of the Pope but he did not. Now Bush W. that was another matter - blocking all aid for UN birth control because your religion does not support it - now that is a religious problem and smacks of something the Taliban might do.
To heyduke: and 65% of the people in prison today do not have a high school education.
To Tesaje: we have entered the dark ages before (AD 300 - 1300). Too many people think that just because we have certain rights now they cannot be taken away - they can and the Republicans just might - especially once they control the Supreme Court.
To Boonie: this is the Kodger's blog he is not required to be fair or just or balanced. This is his soapbox and he can yell out what he wants. It is a medium for him to express his own ideas. You can be fair and balanced on your blog.
to anonymous2: don't worry about feeding people we can feed them stale candy like we are now feeding cows after the price of corn got so expensive after we mandated that a food product be used to produce ethanol.

And the answer is to have fewer people to feed.

Anonymous said...

at sixty, i won't be around much gald i won't be. but i do know this,i was really lucky to be born in the good old usa.never had a hard time finding a job,play hard my whole life, i'm gald i did not have any kid's. i feel sorry for today youth.they will look at my babyboom grave and say those guy's had it made. plenny of cheap gas to live there mobile life style.i hope they will know the true god and she a women!! mother nature.keep run down the road!!randy.fellow travler gary

JC said...

I guess that you are not going to mention the beliefs of Christianity and Islam..... Science based??? Guess that you like high gas prices and high inflation and high unemployment. You constantly rail against people that cannot apply logic to their daily life, and yet you apparently think that Obama has done a good job.... LOL
To coupe2u: I think that the comments section is for anyone to voice an opinion, even people that disagree with the blogger.

Rob said...

Randy, nice job of giving the pot a quick stir!

On an email list yesterday there was this splendid short statement & suggestion. I borrowed it as it is worth passing along.
If you don't see any real difference between a Chicago Machine politician and an elitist Mormon millionaire member of the ruling class this may be a suggestion for you too.

>>If you are disgusted with the corruption of American politics, instead of not voting, vote for Dr. Jill Stein of the Green Party, the only pro-democracy and American citizen rights party, rather than not voting. Perhaps if the Green Party were to receive a significant portion of votes, it might signal a serious concern by Americans for democracy rather than a crooked corporate-owned and controlled political machine. Perhaps it would also be a waste of time???

In my opinion, the poisoning of Americans and destruction of organic agriculture and killing of our formerly abundant soil fertility are the key issues, and not our federal government's pro-corporate policies of sick care or our imperial unauthorized police-action invasions and occupations of other nations, or even federal governmen'st subsidized programs to export American jobs and compete American workers with Third World slave-servants.<<


ME said...

I agree with "Anonymous" at the very top.

For such a smart, insightful person, you can't seriously put this "Indian" issue at the top of your list of concerns can you?

And to think it will ruin his campaign is utter nonsense.

Enough said.

Anonymous said...

you can't fix

dr.dave said...

A better question for Mitt would be...when you die, are you going to become a God, get your own planet with 10,000 wives and purple cows? Are you then going to spend eternity impregnating said 10,000 wives so your celestial heaven babies can come to Earth and be born as Mormons?

Cause that's what he really believes.

Anonymous said...

so the deal is both of these guys are going to screw us over - it's just the nature of the beast. which one would you rather look at while it's happening, the jug earred clodhopper or max headroom?

Johnny Coughen said...

I don't think Randy is concerned about the actual issue of the Indians and Romney's opinion of it... rather the ability of a leader to make sound and logical decisions that is capable of thinking in such a way.

Not that I support Obama. I think America is effed if these two are their only real "choices".

Ed said...

I find it very informative that Randy and others that commented know what Romney believes. I wish someone could tell me what Obama believes other than he does not believe what Romney does.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Randy for your insight into what little people really know about Mormonism. But what I think is more important about Romney is that he is the candidate of the same Republican establishment which put GWtf in office 12 years ago. And which also promoted the McCain/Palin ticket in '08.

As far as the "faith-based" core of the Democratic party, if there is one; at least they put forth a more intellectual dogma than right-wing Republicans. One step at a time.

And no offense against "little people". :)

Sondra said...

The Right wants to put Chruch and State back together so they can rule from the Pulpit once again. The East has their religious fanatics and the so does the West. I prefer NOT to have religion involved as it creates a bias! Im pleased Obama doesnt bring Religion into his campaign...I wont be voting for Romney he is clueless as to the needs of ORDINARY hard working Americans. He has been too rich for too long to be in touch with the needs of the MAJORITY of the PEOPLE. He wants to run the US like a corporation...BUT isnt a nation made up of people? Grannies, babies, homeless people, he wants to help the ones who have, have more, and the ones who have not he wants them to just disappear!
One thing he said in the last debate (Tuesday) he called Obama a recovery President...he said ,This recovery President has not done enough, or something to that effect. So even though he speaks of this MESS as starting with Obama his own statement shows Obama as recovering us from the recession created by the NUT Case GW Bush and his Outlaw sidekick Chaney...omg

Anonymous said...

I heard Romney is also a subterranean reptile creature that surfaced disguised as a human to take over the world. Beware.

Carol Chidlow said...

Don't be a one issue voter. Look at eh bigger picture for goodness sake and grow up.

Carol Chidlow said...

Don't be a one issue voter. Look at eh bigger picture for goodness sake and grow up.

Red Meador said...

The fact that Mitt belongs to the Mormon cult is enough for me to not vote for him. secondly being a republican. Lose lose situation for America

Red Meador

Anonymous said...

Yup, I guess that everyone has forgotten Obama's church.... black liberation theology brought to you by Rev. Wright..... No problem with that cult... LOL

Akphotobob said...

The ideas of most religions are nonsense, the question to ask is How do it's followers live?" My answer is that my experience with Mormons is they live exemplary lives. Never mind some of the stupidity of their past or ridiculous ideas. Almost universally, the individual Mormons I have known were people i would want in my corner when the chips were down.

Which is worse, believing in "Magic Underwear" or classifying and rejecting a whole group of people by a few of their bad ideas. Bob

Randy said...

Akphotobob: Thanks for your comment. That is exactly my view also. Namely that Mormonism is an evolved, solid culture based on a ridiculously inaccurate and fraudulent book. Mainstream Christianity likewise was based on a basically fraudulent book. Only Snippets of its history are true. Persecution of the Mormons has made them vigorus (as with the Jews) The difference between Obama and Romney is that Romney really does believe the ridiculous story of the Book of Mormon and Obama does not really believe the ridiculous portions of the Bible. Romney's naivete might endanger us in some big decisions because he believes that God sends messages and guidance. That life for him is about obediance to divine commands more than creative responsiveness. We sorely need nuanced thinking in the oval office. Romney is a robot idealogue in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

I am so glad that you know what these guys really believe regardless of what they say..... LOL

Jim said...

RANDY: "Romney's naivete might endanger us in some big decisions because he believes that God sends messages and guidance."
Not only are Mormons indoctrinated to believe that God speaks to each one of them individually, they are also each empowered to interpret for themselves what God MEANT and to ACT on that "guidance" regardless of the consequences (which have included the killing of one's own family members). To know the depths of this profoundly misguided and damaging faith, one simply MUST read "Under the Banner of Heaven".

Jim said...

RANDY: "Romney's naivete might endanger us in some big decisions because he believes that God sends messages and guidance."
Not only are Mormons indoctrinated to believe that God speaks to each one of them individually, they are also each empowered to interpret for themselves what God MEANT and to ACT on that "guidance" regardless of the consequences (which have included the killing of one's own family members). To know the depths of this profoundly misguided and damaging faith, one simply MUST read "Under the Banner of Heaven".

Anonymous said...

You seem to narrow thinker.

1 More Mile! said...


Anonymous said...

Let's get Rev Wright's opinion.

Anonymous said...

I have never asked you this question before... but why are you so angry with God? Only someone really mad at God would work so hard to deprive Him of adherents! A true atheist cares less than you can imagine what other people believe! Hugs, Sharon