Friday, October 05, 2012


This is my rig about 3 days ago parked at my friends' house near Santa Fe.  The tiny trailer was a previous home of mine which I sold to him. Can you see the huge array of solar panels back there?
They completely power his household and shop.  The surplus is sold to the power company---- payoff time is about 7 yrs.
My oldest friend--of 39 years--lives here.  Lets me claim this as my official residence for legal purposes. He built it himself--a real adobe structure---with a real "slingshot" thermal effect: Slow to heat up and cool down---counteracting hot days and chilly nights.
Lets me store my Hobi-cat sailboat here.  Would anyone out there like to buy it?  Will take $400 for it and the trailer. Contact me if interested:
1. Comes to enjoy the mind of his host
2. Needs only a parking place.
3. Does not eat the hosts' food.
4. Sleep in his house.
5. Use his bathroom, his water, his electricity.
6. Does not Leave garbage, make noise.
7. Does not disrupt his lifestyle or be a nusiance.
8. Comes to enjoy the company of his host, gives him the best of your attention when he wants it and leaves before he wants you to.
9. Looks for ways to do some good while you are there. (this taught to me by Arnold Ecklund my mentor and travel companion for many adventures)
RANDY PHILOSOPHIZES: As you can see, ONLY RVers can be the perfect guest.  All others to a greater or lesser degree quickly become a pain in the ass.


Bill said...

10. Brings his own booze.

J C said...

11. And shares it with the host.

ed west said...

brings enough booze and food for a party.

Boonie said...

I AGREE with your points about an RVer being a great guest, but why not look at it from both sides, not just the "housey's" side?

Is the "housey" a good host to the RV visitor? In general the answer is No. Whenever you meet somebody on their home turf, you see how locked in they are to all their dreary little routines and habits, centered on endless house care, driving to town, cleaning, shopping, and television.

The reason why "visitors stink in three days" is that the host considers his dreary routines to be sacred. He doesn't want them disturbed.

The best visits are between two parties on NEUTRAL ground, where both parties get knocked out of their daily routines.

coupe2u said...

Excellent point Boonie. Of course for the RVer what is neutral ground? The great thing about being an RVer is that in general there is no daily routine - thank goodness.

VtChris said...

I agree with Randy but not with Boonie. I often visit "real homes" and am intrigued by my host's way of life, each and every one is different and for the most part, not dreary at all. Each life is unique. We all find what works for us. Of course there are miserable people, but who would want to visit them? I belong to a group called and visit total strangers and have never had a negative experience, just met fascinating people.

VtChris said...

opps, forgot to check the follow-up box....

Sondra said...

Life is routine, Im sure RV'rs have some routines they MUST follow...fill tanks, empty tanks, park in the sun, when they'd rather be in the shade, shut in on a rainy day and feel a bit cramped...I think the best life is a blend of both. Adventure and mobility when you want it and being grounded when you need it.
Hope you were the good guest and brought the good stuff Randy!

Red Meador said...

I kinda like my daily routine be it in the sticks and bricks or Jeanie's Bottle.I wake up every morning believing something wonderful is going to happen and it does. Just dont get any better than that.

Anonymous said...

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Liz Rivard said...

Sounds like you where the perfect guest! And he the perfect host! Anyone who has a friendship that has withstood the times of changes, and loss, is an absolutely beautiful thing in life!

Liz Rivard said...

Sounds like you where the perfect guest! And He the perfect host! Anyone who has a friendship that has withstood the times of changes, and loss, is an absolutely beautiful thing in life!