Friday, October 12, 2012



It began down there---after the Rubber Tramp Rendezvous---Laurie, Kathy and I alone on the desert began to consider a new kind of tribe.  (our friend Joyce flew us over our campsite) 
We moved on to Yuma for a month or so, settling along this beautiful lake, inviting several friends to camp with us.

Then we scattered for awhile---agreeing to re-assemble in Silver City, NM.  I went desert camping---one of my favorites----splendid nothingness!  Try it---you will be seduced by the silence and the space.
Reassembled in the forest near Silver City, NM.  Lynn and Boonie have joined us.  Lots of activity in town.  I leave awhile for dental work in Mexico.
Then Boonie leads our troup to the mountaintop near Glenwood, NM.  Peg rolls in for a visit.
Next Boonie takes us to the cool---9000 ft elevation outside Springerville, Az.  Mark and Ginger join us.
Sometimes later, the tribe moves on to Bluewater State Park near Grants, NM---for a 3 week stay.  Our adventures there are recorded elsewhere in this blog.
Thence to Heron Lake State Park near Chama, NM---elevation 7000 ft.  Perhaps our favorite stop.  Wayne wirs visits as does Bushrod with his sailboat---Jim Jaillete is also here.  We recruit Tish to come with us and make a new friend in Chris. (see "meet a queen of the road")
Next I went drifting solo for awhile and rejoined the group at Eagle Nest State park---8000 ft.  I mention the elevation because we deliberately stayed in the high mountains to keep cool.

Then to Storrie Lake St Park near Las Vegas, NM for awhile.
After a visit with my friend Bushrod in Santa Fe---I convened with the gang at the Albuquerque Balloon Festival.  Nearly every day you see this sight.

RANDY PHILOSOPHIZES:   For 10 months we have adventured together And kept our pledge--to champion each other.  Folks have dipped in and out of the caravan---and we have attracted new friends to join us in various places.
 1. That it's very satisfying to be connected with friends who do not need you but enjoy you. 
2. That a cluster of six to eight feels right. More might also be good. 
3.That the essential difference between our group and ordinary RVcaravans is that we COMMIT UP FRONT to champion each other to be our highest self.  (This means that we are not afraid to engage  at a meaningful level. To go beyond mere RITUAL and PASTIME chatter---- to share what we really THINK, WANT,FEEL,HAVE DONE. Also to allign our  energies from time to time in fun projects.
 4. That a blend of solitude and society seems most satisfying.  That intervals of solitude are sweeter when you know you are connected. 
5. That we who have dared to embark on  this hero's journey need three major things: MOBILITY---MEANING and CONNECTION. A good connection with special friends can help generate personal meaning.
6. That a group traveling together slowly creates a comfortable CULTURE. (traditions--inside jokes etc)
7. That the BONUS OF HUMAN ASSOCIATION is real:  Put in one unit of something (energy, attention, creativity, effort) and get back many times the worth of your contribution.  This is why humans tribalized in the first place.   
 8. That it's best to travel alone when moving to the next campsite.  When 2 or more travel together you tend to pass up things that interest you.
9. That it feels so good to go adventuring with friends and to engage at at meaningful level---That we will just continue the caravan into winter.  If this seems like your cup of tea---feel free to visit us at the Sandia Casino in Albuquerque or at our next stop: Elephant Butte St Park, NM. 



Roy said...

thank you for sharing the lessons

Bill said...

It seems to me that you are not too far off from the essence of all group relationships. It is ingrained in our DNA from the first Neanderthal to now, where we have a need to assemble in groups, whether by necessity of survival or simply for socialization. Indeed, those who choose solitude, in some cases, are often considered a bit strange. It also seems to me that the difference between what you describe and other group associations is that you anticipate a specific end result. Others are content to affiliate to just socialize. Nothing is wrong with either.

klbexplores said...

I have followed you experiment with fond interest as a soon to be newbie on the road... I'm still selling the home front and readying myself for the road...I love the idea of choosing the times of solitude and association. Hope one day for a meet up... Route for me, I'm a comin!!! Karen

Brad Maybury said...

Randy -
I really enjoyed this post. It's great to follow your process of building community. It's very motivating for we aspiring nomads.

I sent you an email a couple of months ago about my desire to do what you and others are doing. I'm still working on an exit plan from my business, and it may be a few months or more before I'm able to go full-time. However, today I took a big step towards my goal by taking delivery of my 1992 Toyota Dolphin.

This makes all of my planning and dreaming thus far seem much more concrete. I plan to do a few test trips in the coming months and may catch up with you in NM or AZ, as I'm just down the road in San Diego.

Hope to connect soon.

Brad (Sailorbrad)

Andy said...

Congratulations, Randy, for manifesting the dream we began speaking about at Mobilia in New Orleans in 1975 ! I am happy for you, and am hoping you meander up to the San Francisco bay area some time to visit and share.


Susan said...

I have been looking forward to this post since the tribe began their journey! Loved everything you had to say and hope one day to hook up with y'all. Keep the fire burning!


coupe2u said...

Bill has hit the nail on the head. What you have shown is the essence of all group relationships. The difference, however, is that you conceived of the idea and then executed it. Many talk - few actually do. You have proven a concept and applied the concept to mobile living. Yes, people need, want, and enjoy assemblying in groups - even RV'ers.

Boonie said...

RV culture would be most fortunate if there were a hundred experiments happening. They could be similar in some ways to what is discussed in this post, and different in other ways. All that counts is that people reach out beyond the comfortable status quo.