Sunday, December 07, 2014


She called me one day; said I want to buy you breakfast; I met her at IHOP; pleasantly puzzled because we had dated several times and I sensed no movement toward intimacy.  Oh how I lusted for her; beautiful, curvaceous, aloof.  My charm had failed me--I considered giving up.

She said "I know you want me and I want to tell you why I've refused."
Then followed a story that sped my heart--literally.  She said "I've been abandoned by lovers who grew tired of me---and it hurt for a long time.  One day at my job my boss called me in and told me that he loved his wife but found himself fantasizing about me.  He ask if I would consider trading sex for a weeks pay.  I was shocked and told him no.  Then I thought about it and considered the money and the fact that I liked him anyway.

Next week I told him I would try it once.  I did!  I liked it---he was a good lover.  That was 3 years ago and we still see each other---and he pays me.  I've decided that any future lovers would have to pay me so that if they dumped me I would have compensation to make me feel better."

Now you can guess why my heart sped up.  IT WAS POSSIBLE!  The only question remaining was HOW MUCH.  She thought about it and gave me a number.  I pulled out my wallet on the spot and paid. We went to her place---it was money well spent.  We got along famously.

A week later I asked for a monthly rate that I could afford.  We agreed and months went by.  I never tired of her---thought at times I was falling in love with her---took her on dates etc.  She told me that she had 3 lovers--her original boss and another guy.  I learned to live with that. Sex was always safe.

I left her for a greater love--life on the road when I moved away from Tampa.

RANDY PHILOSOPHIZES:  I'm not ashamed of this arrangement---Money is a logical way to overcome the inequity of desire.  I've (overtly) paid for sex two other times: Once at the infamous Mustang Ranch outside Reno and once when I was 17 in a back street bordello in Vicksburg, Ms.
I don't think women feel the kind of raging lust that men feel.  A sign in a remote bar on Hwy 50 says it succinctly:  Men:No shirt, No shoes----no service----Women: No shirt---free drinks.


squire said...

We all pay for sex, one way or another. Cash is usually the least expensive.

bayrider said...

Hell yeah. Apparently you haven't gotten to the embarrassing stories yet!

My buds and I did many a blowout Tahoe weekend consisting of skiing, then drinking and gambling in Virginia City followed by a trip to the cathouses outside of Carson City. Well, that was back in the nineties but at least I have my memories!

This has been an interesting series, I look forward to your stories.

Jim said...

Women hate to hear it and are perpetually in denial about it, but I agree with Squire. On way or another, we *always* pay. The currency might be a level of emotional commitment -- feigned or otherwise -- but rarely (never once in my 61 years of experience) do us guys get the luxury of being 100% honest *and* getting laid . . . the two seem to be mutually exclusive. Tell a gal (for example), "You're cute enough but I've been with better!" and see how it goes.
Gals may be able to say something similar about us guys, and I would expect them to -- whether it's true or not (smiles). While we're having some fun with this topic, scope out 'Crazy Hot Matrix' on YouTube = fun stuff!

Dragonfly said...

I have more than a few mature girlfriends who practice catch and release. Intimacy can be very disappointing to some of us. It can tend to be messy.

Anonymous said...
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Randy said...

Anonymous: Your comment about a president offends me and I have deleted it. I will allow you to post a link to some evidence. Some of what you say has some truth but I'm suspecting you are a conspiracist---without evidence. I challenge you to make a better point.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous...your remark about one of our presidents offends me as well!! Randy, the post is still there, in case you thought it was deleted. But, perhaps you should leave it up..and lets see how others react to his/her comment. Keep on posting with your 19 things Randy...I am enjoying! And looking forward to the day that I will meet you! Linda in Kentucky

Dragonfly said...

I don't think the person that made the very crass comment understood what Randy's post was about. They may have understood but wants the attention they are now getting.

G said...

Randy I admire your courage to say what you say no matter how private. Many of us can relate.
Totally enjoying your posts.
To Dragonfly, 'catch and release' statement had me ROFL! I think I will steal that one! ;)

Anonymous said...

I like the way Bonobos arrange it, the only trouble is I'm not a Bonobo. The transaction is simply organized pleasure of both parties...but everybody is familiar with the story.
We've evolved fortunately, or unfortunately, as Squire implies I think.

Al Christensen said...

"We all pay for sex, one way or another." Too bad most people see sex as a negotiation instrument instead of simply a matter of both parties getting sex in exchange for sex. When we require some additional form of "payment," what we're saying is, "I'm not really interested in having sex with you." That can make for some low quality sex—that you paid for.

Dragonfly said...

@ Al C I agree with you. Since it is usually women that "get paid" it puts us in a bad light. Maybe it's time to admit it's a good thing, if we want it and stop the negotiations and ownership of our partners. I will say though, if it works for both participants then it's none of my business and Randy's story was charming.

Al Christensen said...

"Since it is usually women that 'get paid' it puts us in a bad light."

Women have traditionally been the gender without direct power. So, throughout history, they used whatever currency they had, which included the granting or withholding of sexual access. If we men don't like having to "pay" one way or another, then we should be eager for women to have equal power in all other ways.