Thursday, December 04, 2014

Six more things I've done--hard to believe

I share this with you because I want to be known.  These are quirky things from my childhood in Sondheimer, Louisiana.  (also because I'm stalling on the seven sexual shockers up next)

1. I WRESTLED A BEAR---Just briefly at a side show tent.  I was 12--the bear was small and muzzled and padded.  I paid the fee and for 30 seconds I enjoyed a tussle.

2. I  ATE POSSUM.  I watched my Grandfather climb a tree, grab the creature--come down with its jaws locked on his shoulder.  What happened next was the wonder: My grandfather began gently stroking it---and it let go.  We put it in a bag took it home, cooked and ate it. (Wouldn't do it now--seemed ok then)

3. I PLOWED WITH A MULE---My uncle had me do it--he was trying to qualify for some government program and couldn't afford a tractor.  It was fascinating for awhile---got old fast--was hard to do. The mule was hard to control.  Did it three days---I was about 12.

4. RAISED WITHOUT INDOOR PLUMBING MY FIRST 6 YEARS.  Remember vividly using sears catalog for toilet paper.

5. CARED FOR BY A BLACK NANNY.  My mother had 4 children in 6 years.  Me being the youngest was left in the care of a black nanny--that I remember with great affection.  Here's my tribute in rhyme:

Hard to know how much I owe
to my indulgent nanny;
black as coal--a diamond soul,
everyone called her Auntie.

She worked hard to raise me unscarred;
helped me feel my worth.
In loving ways she blessed my days;
put me in touch with earth.

6. SAVED FROM MUTILATION BY A JAILHOUSE DOCTOR.  For years (5 to 8) an infection ran pus from my left ear.  Embarrassing --messy.  My mother cleaned it frequently with peroxide.  The doctors recommended a drastic operation to remove the infected tissue--which would have left me with an ear situation exactly like Stephen Cobert's.  My grandmother said no---and took me to Oak Grove, La to a jailed doctor she had faith in and who, for whatever reason, was allowed to continue his practice in jail.  I remember the clang of the jail door as we entered and waited our turn.  He looked at my ear and recommended the removal of my tonsils.  Later at a hospital, it was done and my ear healed without damage to my hearing.

 COMING POST:  Next up is my sexual stuff---I hesitate to reveal it but I regard it as an essential part of this assignment I've given myself. I promise you will find some of it hard to believe.


squire said...

Can't wait for the next installment. Life and food are better a little spicey.

Anonymous said...

Dear Randy,
You have some interesting observations. Following your blog, I have discovered (thru your travels) some unique places.

I enjoy following your blog.

But Puh-leeze,

Stop telling us about your life.
Your imigination is put to much better use, when focused outwardly.

Your writings exhibit pretty clear insecurities. You have shown us that you are indeed a "Hero", concerning Death penalty, Racism, abortion, etc, etc.

It's a little too much.

Do us all a favor and keep your sexual experiences to your self.


Seriously, if you post that aspect of your life, you have issues.

Toys in the attic. Broken Toys

Anita said...

Anonymous, You are wrong, dead wrong...

Anonymous said...

Randy, please ignore the comment above. Your blog is rare in that you consider the human condition, incuding your own. I think the Anon post above is the one with issues. Carry on, please.

Jim said...

I think anyone who can't invent a name for themselves aside from "Anonymous" lacks creativity AND has issues, but I digress.
Like you, I had a pussy discharge from my right ear for many YEARS -- foul smelling greenish yellow stuff even though I cleaned it daily and kept cotton stuffed into my ear canal -- earned me the unfortunate grade school nickname of Stanky (a southern Cali thing I suppose). At the age of 12 or so, my Grandpa delivered me to an ear, nose, and throat specialist in Boise, Idaho. Older gentleman -- no doubt dead by now. Right there in his office, he cut the circumference of my ear drum and pulled out a "form of proud flesh" growing through it. The relief was immediate and profound . . . I grew at least a foot in the following year and evolved into the handsome 6'4" specimen you can't see before you now (smiles). Once healed, I went under the knife again for a new eardrum . . . still have my tonsils though! Come 10/27/15 I'll be retired -- looking forward to meeting you in person.
sail4free (aka Jim P.)

Don said...

I recently found this site and thoroughly enjoy your writings. I hold you in high regard for your courage to bare your soul. I don't have to agree with everything you say. But, I will always respect you for your courage to say it. I will always defend your right to express yourself. Thank you for sharing your life with us through this blog site. Carry on.

Bon vivant said...

Ignore anonymous. The person is unevolved so doesn't understand why you are being transparent. You are divine. Namaste

Ronnie Ryan said...

Kudo's Don! I can't wait for Randy, Bob W. and a couple other blogs to come through my email. I get wisdom and happiness...turn on the news and get depressed ! I can't wait till next blog.

Corrine said...

I had a very messy right ear as a kid (cotton in all the time) plus earaches that would wake me up at night. In my case, it was removing the tonsils plus adenoids that took care of the problem.

Anonymous said...

Randy, I have been reading your blog for years, and have enjoyed it. I may not always agree with everything, but...I've enjoyed it. Ignore Anonymous who doesn't want to hear the rest of your stories. He or she can just go somewhere else. They don't "have" to read it! Looking forward to meeting you one day! Watched the documentary "twice"! Loved it! Linda in Kentucky

Kelly Florence said...

Interesting, I always enjoy having a look into your life...past & present.
Linda, I missed the link for the documentary....could someone re-post please... Kelly

Dragonfly said...

It's your blog, I can read it if I want to or not read it. Screw anonymous. You have the courage to write of your human frailties and accomplishments..

Anonymous said...

What Dragonfly said. Carry on Randy !

Randy said...

Thank you my readers for the encouragement. It matters to me----and I will continue.

Anonymous said...

The documentary that I was referring to is called "Without Bound". It is on youtube if you'd like to view it. Randy is in it along with Bob Wells and others. Linda in Ky.

Anonymous said...

Hey I just want to chime in and thank you for sharing these moments from your life. They are incredibly interesting and entertaining.

Also.. I saw you on a documentary about people living in Vans/RVs/etc.. You did a wonderful job.