Tuesday, August 25, 2015



Meet "Ayla" (modern day equivalent of the heroine of CLAN OF THE CAVE BEAR) using that ancient spear throwing device the atlatl.  Her personality proved to be as interesting as the weapon.

Meet "ED" who approached me on the street and invited me to dinner.  Turns out he wanted to give me the Christian sales pitch.  Nice guy--means well--but knows almost nothing about Christianity--its orgins or implications.  I delayed till I could bear it no longer--then gently asked some of the tough questions.  Dealing with believers is very much like discussing the Santa Clause myth with children:
when and if to break the unsettling news to them that life is a mystery--- that to be enjoyed must be embraced--that believing myths to be factual--is life wasting escapism. 

Meet Pam a delightful local who recognized me from the movie WITHOUT BOUNDS.  (It's a heady experience--I will try to contain my ego) I invited her in for tea.  She was charmed by the movie message of freedom and wanted a few tips. (I gave it my best shot)

A campground party--conceived and executed by my companion Kat.  She drew cute picture invitations and had me pass them out to (hopefully) interesting personalities.  They came--we played self revelatory games that she devised---we munched---and as usual all the guys fell in love with her.
(the game:  each wrote several jobs we'd held on slips of paper--then we drew them out and guessed who had done that job)
And then one day Elvis came to town--great performer--announced a dance contest.

Down they all went--serious boogiers all---but Kat was the winner.  If you look close you can see the metal around her neck.

Chatted with this guy on the street--loved his bold blue hair. (someday I will be bold enough to do it)  You'd think he was a hippy---not so!

He was towing this---So he's a respectable father/citizen.  I followed him inside a restaurant and lo--he took charge as though he were the manager or owner.  (hurray for bold individuqalism)

Then one day I got suddenly ill--severe pain in lower left gut.  Drove to Denver VA and was treated in 30 minutes---including cat scan and blood work.  Turns out it was either a kidney stone passing or more likely an episode of diverticulitis.  I SAY THE VA DELIVERS GREAT MEDICAL SERVICE.  Anyway, the pain went away and hasn't returned---sooo back to life on the road.

Spent the night at Dinasaur Park and next day this kind lady gave me a special tour and lecture. (I gave her my card and told her I would write about the museum.--did you know that it was right here that the world first became convinced of the reality of these giants.)

Then I went to Leadville---America's loftiest city--10,000 ft.  Wonderfully cool--chilly at night.

Camped with this lovely lady--old friend--Jeanne

and her delightful doggie Riley

Soon we are joined by old friend CB (who eats healthy)

And lives comfortably in his truck.  Few people live as cozily as he--even in rigs.  He owns a super luxurious Airstream trailer but much of the time prefers the simplicity of his truck.
His electronics are state of the art (solar power, refrigeration, great sound system)--we gather around
to watch hours of HOUSE OF CARDS.  
Then we are joined by 21 yr old Japanese student Sheomi--who camps the night with us. She is here to climb Mt  Elbert---Colorado's highest peak.

CB's music is so good we all get up to dance.

Next day the two ladies move on and two more move in.  Meet Nancy and Alisa.

They also like to dance.  Great companions--daily walks, campfires, conversations and side trips to town--lovable boston terrior.  Enjoyed their company for a week.

Then returned to Salida and the company of Jeanne--perched high o a ridge at 8000 ft.  Been here a week--will move downtown when I finish writing this.

RANDY PHILOSOPHIZES:  More of the personalities that have poured through my life---each is "gold bearing" and as they flow through the sluice  box that I am---they deposit bits of gold into me.
(Gold is wisdom, information, inspiration, warm memories)

Addendum: At Maxcactus's suggestion I include some of my techniques for approaching strangers.

  • I approach with a playful, friendly smile---usually with a "Hi".
  • Ask an easy question--or make a comment--usually related to the situation: e.g. "That's a classic old rig you got there--How long have you had it?"
  • Pay careful attention to their response--looking them in the eye.
  • Build my next response on what they just said. Often it will suggest a follow up question and voila--the conversation is rolling--Let it flow toward their passions--that's where the gold is! 
  • Get the "feel" of the person and respond appropriately--
  • I Keep in mind what I'm really after:  an authentic unfolding of their personality and values and notable experiences.  Specialized data is occasionally useful.  All of these will very often flow out of them naturally and easily in the presence of someone genuinely interested in them.
  • Have a feel for when to gently close the interaction.


heyduke50 said...

Wow! I was totally unaware of WITHOUT BOUNDS! Totally enjoyed the opportunity to get to know some of the virtual people "I know"...

Chef Ted said...

Aloha Randy,
I too was unaware and stumbled upon WITHOUT BOUNDS on Bob Well's blog. It was nice for me as well to get to know you guys after reading about you all as virtual people I have "known" for several years.
I ended up not full timing and moved to the jungles of Hawaii, but still follow your travels and insight. I use the myth reasoning and other questions that you use on religious people on some of the New Agers here....breaking the unsettling news to them that New Age is an sophistic scheme to salvation as well.
Mahalo most kind sir!

Chef Ted

VtChris said...

A beginner full timer saw "Without Bound" and just recently tracked me down via the internet and had tons of questions and we are now virtual friends and I plan on visiting her this winter in Myrtle Beach. That little movie sure gets around. And it was great to see Jeanne, I had lost track of her, she doesn't seem to be blogging these days. Guess I will have to call! You.....I keep track of via your most welcome posts! Nice seeing Wayne too! I hope to get out west next winter and catch up with everyone in person.

Randy said...

Hi Chris: Always good to hear from you. And to those who would like to know more about this remarkable lady, look at this post: http://mobilecodgers.blogspot.com/2012/08/meet-queen-of-road.html

Jim and Gayle said...

Always, an entertaining read Randy. Hope to run into you again down the road.


Mark said...

You sure meet a lot of interesting people and is indeed entertaining to read about.
Leadville sure seems appealing during the Texas summer. Good choice, Randy!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the getting into a conversation tips, Ran. You make it sound easy.

Unknown said...

Awesome stuff, glad to see you posting more frequently again!

Julie Westby said...

Long story short- we have 3 beautiful adult children spread out over the four corners of the US. We made a decision to sell everything and leave our high paying jobs to become nomads and travel the seasons to spend time with them. We spent an afternoon planning the goal with a launch of no more than five years away (still an extreme retirement) and then I realized we can't be the only ones crazy enough to think of such a beautiful dream as ours. You-tube is my friend and behold, came across "Without Bound". We now have a new goal - to meet you in person on the great open road. You are having impact on lives! Looking forward to following you and your mobile "tribe".
Rick and Julie