Friday, August 07, 2015


HERE'S A SENSE OF WHAT IT'S LIKE TO SLOWLY DRIFT ABOUT THE COUNTRY---from Flagstaff in this case as a beginning point to Salida, Colorado.  The trick is to enjoy the going.

Peep hole into nothingness -- a thousand years old.

From a fortress like this at the Wapukti National Monument north of Flagstaff, Az.

My companion and I camped for 2 days at Clear creek campground outside Winslow, Az. 
(it's free---more here )

Know what this is?  It's a dynamite of a plant that always catches my attention.  Every bit of it is a deadly poison --read about it here

Nearby was a shy lady who would not be photographed.  She lives in the truck.
I see this fairly often and believe it's not a bad life--one of challenge and interest.  The lady is forced to make a hundred adaptations to live---it wakes up her creativity and sense of self--a big improvement over being coddled in an expensive, government funded nursing home.

The only photograph I took in the town of Zuni Pueblo--inside the grocery store--what you see here are dozens and dozens of cases of sugary drinks.  Only 2 bananas and 3 apples were for sale in the fruit department.  They are destroying themselves with junk food.

Stayed 3 days in and around El Morro National monument---the heart of which is this pool of rain water and hundreds of names etched on the walls by thankful, thirsty visitors for 3 centuries.

While there I got a quick lesson in throwing an ancient weapon--an atlatl. (pronounced at-lat'-ul)  It is a spear thrower--with a killing power far greater than an arrow.  Read about it here

Then I visited an old friend in the tiny NM town of Tierra Amarilla---caught him making a pizza in this old style oven.

It cooks in one minute flat

Meet Paul  Namkung-- one of the most remarkable people I know. Who else would operate a coffee house/ restaurant just to give the town a lively place to meet and to provide employment for the local youth.  (last month's total profit was $100)  I've written about him before:
How he makes a living I will show you in an upcoming post.
While walking around town I was stunned to see this---apparently the same ghostly lady I photographed years ago --still lurking around this collapsed building.  She again disappeared into the wreck of a dance hall.  I went inside again---couldn't find her.  Read the story here.

Then I went seriously up hill---to 10,000 ft elevation---nice and cool.

I drove west to this famous high bridge outside Taos, NM.  Spent the night.

People jump to their death here.  To dissuade them--this new hotline.

You can see that its certain death to jump.

Took a side trip to a very small town with a very big hero.

Jack Dempsey (The Manassa Mauler)

RANDY PHILOSOPHIZES:  AND THAT'S HOW IT'S DONE:  Light on rigid agenda---heavy on curiosity and  intuition.  I follow in the footsteps of a very wise Henry David Thoreau--who said it better than I ever could:
"Go--hunt and fish---far and wide---further and wider ---rest thee by many brooks and hearth fires without misgivings.  Rise free from care before the dawn and seek adventures.  Let the noon find thee by other lakes--- and the night overtake thee everywhere at home.  There are no larger fields than these--no worthier games that may here be played.  Grow wild--- according to thy nature-- like these sedges and canes that will never become English hay".


Rob said...

A fine post!

Al Christensen said...
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41dharmabum said...

Is that Paul from Two Ravens Café? A great drummer, and overall great guy.

Mark Jones said...

Wind river blm is fantastic, on the gorge. If you stop at valley view hot springs, mums the word. Hope to meet you on the road sometime.

cigarhippie said...

Sure enjoy your posts Randy. I'm finally offically retired, was wondering if 1200 a month is enough to make in in my small camper. Any ideas....thank you.

cigarhippie said...

Oh by the way, that lady is really something unusual.

Randy said...

Hi Cigarhippie: You can live like a King on $1200 a month. You can live like a Duke on $800 a month and put away the other $400 for a new vehicle when one becomes necessary.
Congratulations and welcome to the wonderful world of freedom.
Your major challenge now will be to generate meaning: (respond to your fascinations--wake up your creativity---find a way to share yourself.)
I recommend joining one of the several organizations that will make the transition fun: Join the WINs or the Escapees--or come to the RTR (check for details).
And yes the lady is a mystery