Sunday, August 23, 2015



Meet Kat---up from Cottonwood, Az --an amazing lady --artist--dancer--teacher---first class citizen who makes it her mission to enjoy and improve whatever situation she finds herself in--a true  AUTOTELIC personality.
I took her to the mountains one day and she disappeared for awhile.  When I found her, she was too absorbed to notice my presence.

Eventually she let me see what she was doing.

Old friend Paul Namkung, owner of 3 Ravens Coffee shop Tierra Amarilla, NM showed up here at Salida's art fair to sell his WORLD DRUMS.  He sold 3 while I sat and drummed with him.

Meet Eric--volunteer host of Salida East free campground---a most interesting guy who has devoted years of his life to adventurous learning---has sailed the oceans with famous personalities you would know---has evolved a unique plan and philosophy which is written and will be published soon.
Example of his gold: "Those who have not done great things try to convince others that
they have through the telling of great stories. Those who have done
great things merely continue to do them." - Eric Wolery (Spiritual
Freedom Series book 1) click here
Meet Janet---an old friend I crossed paths with in the woods.  She is amazingly bold, adventurous, and as unselfconscious as anyone I know.  She exercises in the mornings to rock music.

Meet Matthew and Devon, a fascinating and inventive couple who wander and live in this van--

selling real orchids like this preserved in  resin

from display stands like this.  Believe it or not, they sold them on 5th ave in New York City.
Interested? contact 
Devon shows off their pet--it's alive---and much loved.

One day, out of the blue this couple knocked on my door.  Friends from many years ago.  Mort and Betty---showing off their latest travel rig--a self engineered van for side trips from their huge motor home.

And to demonstrate how RVers learn from one another--I asked to see his "wallet".Sure enough, it's exactly like mine---a lifestyle of cards and bills contained by a single clip.  He taught me the trick some 15 years ago.

Meet Superman Steve Fuller--age 45- that I met just off the Continental Divide Trail.  He's in a race and is averaging more than 100 miles per day.  He does not expect to win because the winner will often travel 200 miles per day in this 25 day challenge.

An likely, you recognize by now---Wayne Wirs --that mysterious vagabond mystic  author and guru that the universe sends into my life from time to time. (always urging me to notice synchronicity) 

Today--by amazing coincidence--(synchronicity) his timing is perfect to meet two terrific strangers--Stephanie and Paul (on the left)--and together with autotelic lady--Kat--we all sat down to an in-depth conversation.
(Neither Wayne nor Kat will talk trivia for long)
Stephanie has a very bold hobby--which she ropes her hubby into:  She arranges to go and  meet-- in person--people who -interest her.
Today that was me---and so they drove from Denver to Salida for that purpose.  I'm honored. I hope she "got her money's worth".  (certainly with Kat and Wayne thrown in the mix)

Probably into your life as well.  When I feel a personality "flowing" into my life--I try to transform myself into a sluicebox --letting the full personality stream through---and afterwards---at odd times--I discover the "gold"  that has unbeknownst to me, accumulated in the catch bin.

I"m tired but I have more flow to tell you about 


Maxcactus said...

Randy, this looks like a fine array of interesting humans that you have engaged with. For many years I worked in a job that brought me into contact with at least a dozen strangers every day. The best part of my work day was being able to interact with so many random people. Since I have retired I find that I have not been able to recreate that to a the same degree and I am going into withdrawal. I have read all of you posts and have thought about your approach. I would really enjoy reading an updated essay about the fine points of your techniques of people finding.

Randy said...

Thank you Maxcactus for the suggestion---will address it in my next post. Meanwhile, here is a post that offers a partial answer for some special situations:

Maxcactus said...

I remember that post. Recognizing their worth and asking them for help is a good tactic. It evokes their giving good nature. I think that this would often work for many people. You must be good at doing an accurate read on people who are safe to engage. I worked in a mental hospital for a few years and have a pretty good feel for this as well. I do not see why people who lead a more stationary life couldn't value from doing what you do while on the move. The world would be a better place if this kind of thing happened more often. I think that fear inhibits the process. How did you develop your bravery?

Randy said...

Max: Yes I think you're right about an accurate "read" on people likely to be ameanable to my approach. Beyond that I have some techniques that I will detail on the most recent post. Again----thanks for the suggestion.

Kat said...

Hi Randy! Having recently spent some time with you in Salida, it occurred to me that not everyone we met were "post-worthy". Some were crazy, depressing or downright bores. I use a similar tactic when initially engaging with strangers. Demonstrate genuine interest in them and they are likely eager to discuss everyone's favorite topic: themselves! Then use discernment. You are in the unique position to avoid risk of entrapment by those who you may find unsavory by simply continuing on your endless road trip. Many of us, being land locked, don't have that luxury. We need to employ creative and sensitive methods to limit our exposure to those who may bring out the worst in us. You have inspired me to spend more time on the road and to literally broaden my horizons. See you soon!

Randy said...

AAAh Kat---Wisdom on top of pizzaz---Be still my heart!!
The folks up here miss you--all 30 of them.
People at the Pool pine for your presence.
The crowd at camp are crying
jewelers are jumping to buy more gems.

And I miss you too--and--I'm prone to poetize:


Where Kat is at
You'll want to be;
A party in one person;
Miss personality

Like water wakes the flowers;
Like sunshine bans the gloom;
Kat lifts all spirits when
She walks into a room!!

Kat said...

Thank you, Randy, for your kind and lovely words! How grand it is to be so fully appreciated. It is said "As I give to the world the world gives to me", and I shall add "tenfold".

Kat said...

That is to say "SO the world gives to me."...

Scoobie said...

I believe I shall make you my god
Not that my desperation is so bleak.
Its a few years we need to sow sod
To reap what you have reaped.

So I’ll keep my chin up and push the stern to tide
Hope to see you one day camping, be sure to say Hi.

Signed A Very Jealous

Steve Fuller said...

Ahhh great memories of that particular day. A belly full of breakfast and the biggest single climb of the race ahead of me. Pedaled another 70 miles to Cuba that night, arriving about 10:30 PM. It was great to talk to you that day Randy. :)